Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pahang - Genting Highland


A magnificent hilltop city is the perfect way to describe the Genting Highlands Malaysia.

Only 50km’s from Kuala Lumpur

the Genting Highlands is a revered family destination

that keeps kids and adults busy with many events

and things to do.

Offering a unique

and quiet getaway from the often frantic pace of larger cities,

a Genting Highland vacation can be the perfect way

to spend quality time with your family.

Cool rejuvenating air affords a crisp,

cool alternative to stuffy roads

and byways while the flourishing tropical rainforest

is blanketed in a continuous mist casting a mysterious aura over the area.

With average temperatures between 16 and 23 degrees

it's hard to believe Genting Malaysia is in a hot,

equatorial country!

A Genting Highland vacation

is most definitely for those who love a beautiful,

natural backdrop complimented

with the modern services of a larger city.

Aside from the lush surroundings

and refreshing cool air

the Genting Highlands is also home to the only casino in Malaysia

that has been used as the backdrop for many popular Asian

and Hollywood films.

Many locals head to the casino for Baccarat,


Tai Sai,



and more.

The Genting Highlands have two theme parks

that are the other exciting element to the area offering many rides

and all kinds of other entertainment.

With a double loop,

corkscrew roller coaster

and water park

kids will go crazy over this thrilling amusement park.

The X-Pedition Wall,

Van Helsing ride,


Genting Malaysia Sky Venture

and Ripleys are the signature highlights here during Malaysia holidays.

Hiking in the Genting Highlands Malaysia

is another popular activity

where you can explore the surrounding tropical rainforest.

Jump on the jungle train

and be whisked away to Taman Negara National Park

where stunning views abound.

The most extensive "canopy walkway" in the world is found here

and many varieties of wildlife

can be spotted while trekking through the forested area.

Be sure to take good walking shoes

and bug spray on this Genting Malaysia excursion!

With such close proximity to the capital

many people make the drive to the Genting Highlands

and stay a night or two

with enough time to enjoy a few of the more popular circuits.

With a history of 35 years behind it

this Malaysia resorts continuously being developed with more attractions.

Genting Highland hotels can be found in within three distinct hotels,

two self- catering apartments

and one major resort.

Keep your eye out for great seasonal deals.

Malaysia golf is not far from the avid golfer

taking a Genting Highland vacation.

The Awana Golf and Country resort offers up a challenge

with its par 71, 18-hole golf course.

The Awana horse ranch offers those hoping

for an equestrian experience a chance to take lessons

or go for exciting rides through the mountains.

Many locals choose Genting Highlands Malaysia

expressly for its exciting nightlife.

Many dinner shows

and discos showcase international entertainment

that’s hard to find in other parts of the country.

Enjoy terrific dining while enjoying Las Vegas-style shows with exotic dancers,

charismatic magicians

and famous singers from around the world.

The Big Rock Disco Café offers tunes for party-goers into the wee hours.

For a well-rounded vacation visit the Genting Highlands

and discover what this South East Asian hilltop resort has to offer.

Your kids will be pleased and never bored.

Adults have the pleasure of engaging in both exciting

indoor and outdoor activities

and the best part is that families can stick together

and enjoy a wealth of family-style attractions.

By Wei Ling



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