Thursday, May 6, 2010

Perak - Pulau Pangkor


Largely inhabited by fisher-folk
who live in fishing settlements scattered along the coast,

Pangkor - in stark contrast to Malaysia's fast-paced progress
- remains a haven for those seeking to get away from the hustle
and bustle of city life.

Here, visitors can bask in the sun on her golden beaches
and catch sights of fishing boats rocking gently
on calm blue waters.

Situated 7km from historic Lumut town
across the Straits of Malacca,
it has for centuries enthralled visitors with her charming beauty,
idyllic bays,
pristine beaches,
and vibrant tropical forests.

Hence it comes as no surprise
that she has been a welcome stopover for the sea weary,
and adventurers in the old days.

In fact, it was at one time ruled by European conquerors
such as the Dutch and British yet her natural wonders
have remained unscarred
and her environment as tranquil
and harmonious as ever.

Today's Pangkor is a thriving tourist destination
that does not reflect her turbulent past.

Pangkor is a 40 minute ferry ride from Lumut,
a coastal town,
which is 84km from Ipoh city
or a 3 hour drive from Kuala Lumpur.

The ferry fare costs a mere few ringgit
depending on which part of Pangkor you are going to.

There are also scheduled flights
via Kuala Lumpur operated by Berjaya Air.

This flight is 5 times a week
except Tuesday and Thursday.

Once there, taxis (Van) are available
for most part of the day to take you around.

However, please be forewarned
that the taxis have no meters,
hence you should check the fare before embarking on a ride.

By Wei Ling , 5 Alpha

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